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DeVante Swing of Jodeci fame was recently arrested after showing up at a local Subway drunk out of his mind. Apparently Devante showed up drunk, wearing capri pants (WTH!) and was unable to control his movements. According to tmz.com, DeVante Swing — real name Donald DeGrate Jr. — was arrested at a Subway in Burbank, CA this past weekend. Cops say he was so hammered, he couldn’t even walk straight … and it was all caught on tape.

Law enforcement sources revealed police received a call from a concerned citizen around 5:00 PM on Sunday … after DeVante was sloppily crashing into tables and falling on the floor.

When officers arrived, they arrested the 41-year-old singer for being drunk in public — and hauled him to a nearby jail.

DeVante was released around 11 PM — after cops determined e had finally sobered up … but we’re told he won’t be charged with a crime.

Take a look at the video:

DeVante isn’t the only member from Jodeci struggling with to stay sober. Members, K-Ci & Jo Jo, starred in a TV One reality series called “K-Ci & Jo Jo … Come Clean” as of late. In it, the brothers lived together for the first time and battle their substance addictions together.

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