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VIA: Elev8.com

If you love good music, you love hearing any and every thing singer and songwriter Kelly Price has ever released. Her soulful voice represents what authentic singing is and should be. Kelly is the quintessential woman. All women can relate to the many titles she holds in life- wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, caretaker, business woman and mentor. Even with the multiple duties she has, she continues to stay busy by giving back to the community and world with her service and philanthropy. Elev8 recently spoke with Kelly Price about her activism against breast cancer, upcoming projects and how she was personally motivated by a heart-wrenching family experience that led her to get involved by donating her time and money.

Check out what she shared with Elev8.com:

ELEV8: Kelly, many readers may know a little about you and your husband experiencing both your mothers’ being diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m sure that was a difficult time for your family. Can you share with us how you and your family got through that?

KELLY PRICE: That was 1998 and it was an extremely difficult time in my life. I had just released my first album (Soul of a Woman). When it should have been an exciting time in my life, it was a draining and bittersweet one. I was trying to do the best for everyone and it just took a harsh toll on my family. It taught me a valuable lesson that no one can afford cancer emotionally or financially.

ELEV8: How are your mother and mother in law?

KELLY PRICE: Unfortunately, my husband lost his mom to breast cancer. This was the second time he went through this. His biological mom and step mom succumbed to breast cancer. My mother is doing well and has been in remission for 10 years but her entire lifestyle had to change. It’s so important that we educate ourselves about breast cancer. One of the most vivid memories I have when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer is being in the doctor’s office with my sisters and the doctor asked my mom, “What took you so long to come?” She replied “I was afraid.” I realized FEAR is a big factor and we need to work toward eliminating the fear factor of going to the doctor and getting our annual mammogram. We must be proactive and watch for signs.

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