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We all lead a somewhat busy life, and we’re always looking for efficient and time-saving ways to get through our hectic day. Here are some time-saving foods that you should have in your kitchen from real simple.com:

1.  Pillsbury refrigerated prepared piecrusts: You’ll find them packaged two to a box in your supermarket’s dairy case, not pressed into an aluminum-foil pie plate. Each piecrust is perfectly rolled and folded so you can shape it or drape it into your favorite dish.

2. Cooked chicken wings: Here’s the single-serving equivalent of a whole roast chicken. Great in recipes or for teenage parties and little-kid lunches.

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3.  Shady Brook Farms Turkey Meatballs: Beefless, with a fresh (not powdered) garlic flavor.

4.  Shredded Jack cheese: The convenience of grated hard cheeses (like Parmesan) isn’t worth the compromise in flavor, but buying preshredded semi-soft cheeses makes sense.

5.  Packaged washed baby spinach: So it costs a lot more than the kind you trim and wash yourself. You’ll also eat more of it this way.


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