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How we define the act of murder and the intent to kill may have to be redefined in courts if incidents like this become more of the norm for our society. Nadja Benaissa, 28, former German Pop singer in the girl band No Angels, is charged with causing grevious bodily harm and attempted bodily harm after having unprotected sex with 3 different men and infecting one of them.

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Benaissa had unprotected sex on five occasions between 2000 and 2004 with three people and did not tell them she was infected. She had allegedly known her status since 1999. Benaissa has admitted to not telling sexual partners she was HIV-positive but denied intending to infect anyone. “I am sorry from the heart,” she told the court, according to media reports. One of the three men Benaissa allegedly slept with has since been confirmed as having HIV. He said he went to the doctor after learning of Benaissa’s condition from her aunt, and discovered he had contracted the virus.

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I feel remorse for anyone who has been infected with this deadly disease but I do not find Benaissa’s story convincing. If she was aware of her status since 1999 how could she not have purposely been attempting to infect these men? Did she think that if she ignored the disease and lived in denial that it would go away? The thought had to have crossed her mind every time that she allowed these men to enter her body without a condom on that she was putting their lives in jeopardy. It is obvious that she had no intentions on informing them about her condition otherwise her Aunt would not have had to have acted as her conscious and disclosed the information. For that, I think she is guilty as charged and should receive a punishment for basically intentionally taking a man’s life.

The men involved in this case also played a role. These men learned a hard lesson. Not every pretty face is a trust worthy face.  Despite her rock star status they should have protected themselves with her. Also, sometimes you have to use your good god given common sense when entering into a sexual situation and not allow your penis to be the dominant one. A lot of this heartache could have been avoided if they one, used a condom with this woman or two, refrained from having sex with her. Just because a woman is attractive and is willing to have sex with you does not mean that you are obligated to proceed. Sometimes it is okay to say “no thank you” and not be so reactive.

I am not placing full blame on these men because she is at fault in this situation but I am just throwing out some possible alternatives to situations like this happening. Since you cannot always trust that the pretty/handsome face to have your best intentions at heart all people should head this warning. This is a sad story for all parties involved.

Via:  CNN

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