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Singer and former B2K member Raz-B reveals why the boy band broke up on a brand new episode of TV One’sUncensored.” Watch the clip inside and find out the reason for the band’s split inside.

Why did B2K break up? According to Raz-B, the reason for the beloved boy band’s split was caused by a lot of factors.

“Financial problems, family problems, feud between the guys,” Raz-B shared in a clip from the episode.

He details that it was a combination of things that led to their decision to go their separate ways. At the height of their career, it seemed like the group’s problems became increasingly insufferable to manage.

In 2003, the group won a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Singing Group. That same year, all of the members filmed the movie You Got Served. In 2004, around the time the movie was released, B2K’s manager Chris Stokes announced the group’s split, with their label Epic Records claiming internal disagreements as the cause.

None of the members confirmed the reasoning until Raz-B’s latest confession on “Uncensored.”

“It was a combination of many things,” Raz-B continued in the clip. “Us getting older. Fizz wanting to go solo and getting a solo deal first.”

Raz points the finger at Fizz’s motion and motivation to go solo caused some strife between Fizz and some of the other group members.

“Wanting to renegotiate with management and our production team,” Raz continued. “Felt like being controlled, wind up getting as far away as possible so it felt you were in the driver’s seat.”

He talks about how they were seeking more control over their careers as they started to flourish individually as artists.

“When you’re a kid, it was such a big deal to be broken up,” he added.

B2K was one of the most popular boy bands in the early 2000s. Despite reaching high heights in the music industry, the group split, moving on to solo careers and endeavors.

In an all-new “Uncensored,” Raz-B talks about some of the challenges that led to their breakup. Be sure to watch his full episode this Sunday, April 21 at 10p/9c only on TV One. Visit TV One’s website for more details.

Watch the clip below:

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