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A pet rabbit is playing with a toy

Source: PavelRodimov / Getty

Hopster, Bean, Honey Bun, and Butterscotch, all rescue rabbits, have found themselves in the care of Whitney Bruce, the executive director of Wildlife Rescue of Charlotte. Each of these rabbits has faced abandonment or surrender, left to fend for themselves until finding refuge with Bruce.

As spring emerges, Bruce is urging the public to refrain from purchasing rabbits impulsively. Currently, Wildlife Rescue of Charlotte is housing 21 rabbits in foster care, with an additional five on a waiting list.

WCCB states, proper care for rabbits involves several essential considerations. Space is crucial, as rabbits require daily exercise. Additionally, their ability to conceal pain and illness necessitates vigilant monitoring. Daily provision of hay is vital for dental maintenance, and it’s important to recognize that rabbits have a lifespan exceeding a decade.

Bruce’s plea underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership and highlights the commitment required to care for these often misunderstood animals.

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