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Source: ARMMY PICCA / Getty

Dovey Johnson Roundtree, a proud native of Charlotte and alumna of Second Ward High School and Spelman College, left an indelible mark on history through her relentless pursuit of justice and equality. Breaking barriers at every turn, Roundtree’s journey epitomized resilience and determination.

Following her service in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps during World War II, Roundtree blazed a trail in the legal field, earning a law degree from Howard University. Her pivotal role in winning the landmark case that dismantled segregation on interstate busing stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to civil rights.

In 1961, Roundtree added another dimension to her remarkable career by being ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Embracing dual roles as a minister and attorney, she continued her advocacy for marginalized communities, embodying the principles of faith and justice.