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Source: Ake Ngiamsanguan / Getty

Catawba College has secured a place on In Tune Monthly’s list of the Best Music Schools for 2024. The spotlight shines on Catawba’s Popular Music program, which shares the limelight with the Artist Development Program.

In a compilation featuring 65 educational institutions, spanning colleges, universities, and independent programs, In Tune Monthly underscored Catawba’s prowess in the realm of Popular Music.

Jeff Little, the Chair of the Music Department at Catawba, received special mention for his role in steering the Popular Music Program.

The Artist Development Program (ADP) garnered recognition as an extracurricular offering at Catawba College. This program integrates music creation and live performances.

Catawba College’s inclusion in In Tune Monthly’s Best Music Schools of 2024 attests to the institution’s commitment to musical excellence, innovative programs, and fostering a rich environment for aspiring musicians.

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