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Exclusive Interview with Pamela Long

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Pamela Long interview

The resurgence of the old-school 90s group has us buying tickets to their shows so we can reminisce and relive our “good old days.”

From Jodeci to SWV and Xscape, to the reunion of Raphael Saddiq and Tony Toni Tone…baby we’re here for it!!!

However, one of the popular groups has remained silent in this “reunion” era.  It’s the 90s girl group, ‘Total‘.

I know I’m not the only one who would love to see our bad girls reunited. After sitting down with former group member, Pamela Long, I discovered that being reunited with her band members may not be in the cards.

Pam explained to Olympia how she has evolved as a woman and as an artist. Her new music is inspirational and uplifting and based upon her beautiful relationship with God who is the pilot of her life and career.

Watch to find out if Pamela will ever reunite with Total, what she’s been up to, her new music, and her struggle to be obedient to God.

Listen to Pamela Long’s song ‘Gone’ and watch the full interview below: