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I have an observation that I want to share. I’ve come to the conclusion that the some Black men expect far too much from Black women. Far more than what they are willing to give themselves. Again, this is some men, not all. The problem stems from the idea that Black women are expected to fill many roles. We are expected to be a homemaker, breadwinner, lover, counselor, be mentally advanced, but not so advanced that it makes them uncomfortable. We are also expected to understand their needs and to be able to find an appropriate way of approaching them about it without harming their egos. All in a day’s work right?

Comedian Monique Urges Women To Submit To Their Men

Well, that depends on the man and what he is willing to give. Unfortunately there are some Black men who feel a sense of undeserved entitlement. They feel that they should be able to do minimal and receive the maximum. They do not think that they have to be loyal, work hard in a relationship, give all of themselves to a woman or even show any true form of emotion. The kicker to this is while they indulge in the feeling of being entitled they also are subject to the media/slave mentality that convinces them that Black women are subpar. Some of them roll with it and this leads them to compare Black women to women of other races and place those other women on pedestals. When we do not measure up to their ideas of physical beauty or what they perceive a woman of worth should be it only pushes them away more. So not only do they enter into situations with women with unrealistic and sometimes self centered expectations, they also have preconditioned judgments towards Black women versus women of other cultures.

Going Abroad: Experiencing Men NOT Made In America

It’s a trick. Ideologies like these were put in place to further tear the Black family unit apart. The idea that a man should be able to give when he decides he wants to give but expect that his woman should….To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt