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Lab Made Chicken

Source: wildpixel / Getty

U.S. regulators granted approval for the sale of chicken produced from animal cells.

Two California companies will bring “lab-grown” meat to restaurants across the nation.

Upside Foods and Good Meat secured the green light from the Agriculture Department to offer meat that is not derived from slaughtered animals.

Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, which operates Good Meat, stated, “Instead of using extensive land and water resources to feed animals that are ultimately slaughtered, we can explore a different path.”

The companies obtained federal approvals for the necessary inspections to sell meat and poultry in the United States.

Cultivated meat is grown in stainless steel tanks, using cells sourced from a living animal, a fertilized egg, or a specialized bank of stored cells.

Upside Foods produces large sheets of cultured chicken that are then shaped into cutlets and sausages.

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