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They’re back! Willie, Brian, Qwanell, Mike and Robert known as Day26 has returned to R&B. The group talked about why the band got back together and the truth about the “Cheesecake” challenge episode on MTV’s ‘Making The Band’.

The band was born on MTV’s Making The Band handpicked by Diddy. They broke up and announced each member was focusing on their solo career in 2012. They briefly reunited a few years later without Brian Andrews but eventually broke up again. But now they are back like they never left and will be on tour as part of the 2000s-era Millennium Tour Turned Up!

Actually, Brian expressed he is responsible for bringing the band back together.

“I say every single day, I’m so happy to be back and be a part of this. I always felt like it was special, these guys are my brothers. And I can honestly say, I think I tell him that like maybe, at least like 12 times a day. I’m thankful for them allowing me back in the fold,” Brian expressed.

People who watched the show or were fans of their music can be thrilled as well. Their song “Since You’ve Been Gone” had fans in a chokehold in 2006.

Big Mike shared which song he enjoyed making and the one he hated most.

“‘Think Of Me’. I do not like that song. Songs I love, ‘Perfectly Blind’ and ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’. I love those two,” Mike shared.


Day26 and the show is definitely a flashback. But we can all remember on the show the crazy challenges Diddy would put the artist through.

Que recalled the band’s real experience with the infamous cheesecake episode on ‘Making The Band’.

“Well, definitely getting the cheesecake. And besides getting the cheesecake, we had to walk to each borough and sit on the corner and raise money for the homeless. It was just very extreme. Three and a half hours in a cold in the wintertime.”

Rob added, “I was the one carrying the cheesecake and I wanted to make sure that it didn’t drop nowhere. And the worst part is this. You know funds was a little different at that time. We ain’t know how the money was going so when we got there we thought production or MTV was gone pay for it… We was looking like “who paying for this cake?””

Now 15 years later the R&B group is prepared to sing all Day26 classics on tour.

Rob shared what to expect from Day26’s set on the Millennium Tour.

“Y’all could expect all the hits that you love from Day26. We definitely gonna hit y’all with the fire, the ones everybody know and everybody want to sing. But we gone bring a lot of high energy, we got the precision with the dance moves.”

Willie said they not coming to play. “The R&B started five is about to jump on stage and rock ass.”

They said to get there early. R&B is back and you don’t want to miss it!

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