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Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

Homeowners have grown to understand the concept of gentrification in their neighborhoods, but the predatory buyer behavior and pressure tactics buyers are using is sending some social media users into extreme irritation. One viral TikTok video sheds light on the grievances minority homeowners are facing as gentrification continues.

In a viral TikTok video, TikTok user @kreatewithkeisha garnered over 300k views after sharing her experience as a recent Seattle, Washington home owner. Keisha inherited her grandfather’s home, which he bought in 1953. Keisha assures her TikTok followers that she plans to stay here despite the continuous scare tactics from gentrifiers.

Keisha’s video was posted in response to one user’s question, “why they want you out?” She responded uses a popular TikTok “POV” trend saying, “POV: being a young Black girl inheriting a home in Seattle, Washington.”

She details that the day after her grandfather passed away she began receiving two to three predatory letters in the mail from home buyers, asking to buy her home half a million dollars below market value. Keisha notes that some letters look like they’re from the IRS saying, “They scare you to call them and eventually scam you,” using “scare tactics.” She also warns that people may send out letters that say, “you’re behind on your property taxes, when you’re not.”

Keisha also noted that gentrification is not just about White people infiltrating neighborhoods and putting up apartments and businesses. Instead, she argues gentrification is also bullying to make minority home owners feel uncomfortable.

Homes in Keisha’s area called “The CD of Seattle” are now worth a million dollars and up. The CD was initially created as a redlined Black neighborhood and now it is only 6% Black.

She warns that, “property taxes are a thing and have risen 20% in the last decade.” When the area was mostly Black, property taxes jumped tremendously, which made it unaffordable for Black people to stay there. Most Black people were forced out of their homes.

Fortunately for Keisha, the elders in her family educated her on the value of property ownership and prepared her to continue their family assets after seeing so many friends lose their homes.

Watch the video and learn more about the growing pressures of gentrification below:

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