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2022 Pan African Film And Arts Festival - FX's "Snowfall" Season 5 Finale

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If last night’s (April 20) season finale of FX‘s Snowfall was any indication of what we can expect from the sixth and final season, it’s safe to say that all hell is about to break loose. Or has it already?

“Fault Lines” begins with Franklin (Damson Idris) and Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) vocalizing what they think it would be like if they were out of the game officially (which seems very plausible after Franklin quit in the last episode). Franklin even floats the idea of the two getting married. All the optimism goes out the window when Franklin discovers that $73 million dollars has been cleared from his accounts across the world. He knows that the only person who could have done this is Teddy (Carter Hudson).

Franklin quickly becomes irate and starts to flirt with the idea of kidnapping Teddy and torturing him until he tells him where the money is and how to get it back. Neither Veronique nor Franklin’s mother, Cissy (Michael Hyatt) seem to be supportive of this idea. Franklin gives Teddy a call to try and make things right. He tells Teddy that he made a mistake and that he’s willing to put it all under the bridge as long as Teddy gives him all of his money back. Teddy replies that it’s too late and denies his involvement in Franklin’s money disappearing. Franklin, this time not under the influence of LSD, threatens Teddy again. Teddy warns him to be careful and adds that if he thinks he’s lost everything at the moment, he should just wait.

Franklin is forced to reach out to some of his allies in an attempt to find Teddy. Franklin gets in contact with Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), who is also in the midst of planning his own exit after finding out that Teddy bugged his home. Gustavo feels for Franklin, but can’t risk putting himself in danger to give Franklin the information he is seeking. He explains how Teddy’s involvement with the government makes him impossible to beat. Although Gustavo won’t help Franklin, he wishes him good luck before hanging up the phone and continuing his personal mission. Upon finding the bug, Gustavo told Xiomara (Joey Marie Urbina) that she and the boys should pack up and run away. He goes to an old storage unit to pick up some stashed cash and as he’s driving off, he is stopped by a fleet of cop cars and the District Attorney. It is obvious at this point that Teddy has arranged for Gustavo to be arrested.

One person Franklin couldn’t reach out to was Avi (Alon Abutbul), who is revealed to be still alive. Ruben (Alejandro Edda) meets with a contact and gets access to a safe house where he takes Avi with the intention of torturing him until he gets the information he wants. The two share stories about their lives and backgrounds and seem to be building a genuine connection, or as close to one as you can get under the circumstances. Avi eventually agrees to tell Ruben where he can find the information he’s looking for but only after Ruben agrees to not kill him afterward. Ruben ends up at Avi’s house. As he is looking through the safe, he hears Teddy entering the house causing him to drop his flashlight and run. As he’s leaving, he hears Teddy’s walkie-talkie and spots Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale), and decides to kidnap her. After returning to the safe house, Avi alerts Ruben that Teddy no longer works for the CIA and that he’s just a contractor. After receiving the information from Avi, Ruben goes back on his word and shoots Avi twice, killing him.

Feeling like he’s tried reaching out to everyone who could help him already, Franklin reluctantly calls his Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis), who was alerted by Teddy earlier in the episode that Franklin was out of the business as she and Jerome (Joseph Amin) were trying to enjoy their honeymoon. Franklin explains his current situation to his aunt and pleads with her to help him make things like they once were. He insists that the whole situation is her fault and wants her to let him know the next time she meets with Teddy so he can blindside him. Louie responds by telling Franklin that it isn’t her problem. Franklin is visibly upset and decides to pull a gun out on her. Before he can do anything with it though, Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren) pops up and pulls a gun out on him. Louie instructs Buckley not to shoot Franklin out of respect for Jerome but warns her nephew that if she sees him again, she’ll kill him herself.

This interaction and the events that had transpired previously cause Franklin to go into all-out war mode. He meets up with Black Diamond (Christine Horn) and Dallas (Taylor Polidore) and the three go on the offensive. First, the two ladies kill the guards at Louie’s club and then proceed to clean her out. Afterward, Franklin shoots and kills two more security guards at his aunt and uncle’s warehouse before taking more cash and drugs. The last part of his plan, which probably was the most cerebral, shocked us all. Franklin, alongside Black Diamond and Dallas, head to the hospital where Kane (DeVaugh Nixon) is recovering. Franklin apologizes for what happened to his former mentor and then drops a bomb on him. He tells Kane that Louie was the one who gave the green light for the hit on him.


The episode comes to a close with a chilling conversation between Franklin and his mother. Cissy mentions how Jerome told her he was robbed and asks her son if he was behind it. Before he can answer, she asks how he’s going to fix it. Franklin voices his frustration and explains that he’s tried to fix it already and it didn’t get him anywhere. Franklin offers his mother an out (similar to the one he gave Veronique) but she can’t leave her son behind no matter what he has done. She then asks him a question that will surely be the basis of next season. She asks if he still wants to kill Teddy, and Franklin is all for it. Cissy tells her son that she made some friends (the KGB) in Cuba that can help them fight fire with fire. Franklin is noticeably intrigued by his mother’s reveal and informs her that they’re going to have to burn the whole thing down, which she’s absolutely on board with.

Mannnnn, it seems like Franklin is really going to be on demon time next season. If you’re not with him, you’re against him and that goes for everybody. Did Leon (Isaiah John) and Wanda (Gail Bean) really leave? If so, will they be back? Who did Veronique call for help? Could we see her mother whom she always speaks about? Where did Ruben take Parissa? How will Louie and Jerome respond to Franklin robbing them? Will Franklin end up dead, in jail, or will he find a way out of everything? These are all pressing questions that we, unfortunately, have to wait a whole year to find out the answers to. Let us know how you felt about this season and what your predictions are for next season in the comments.



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