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Javon Walton Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Euphoria’s Season 2 finale sent viewers on a wild ride. If you missed it, here’s where you catch up before we ruin it with spoilers. Javon Walton, who portrays Ashtray in the series, reveals who was really supposed to die in the thrilling finale episode.

In a Zoom interview with Vulture, Walton shares details of filming the dramatic finale and reveals that Fezco was supposed to be killed instead of his character, Ashtray. Director Sam Levinson altered the script the day before filming, which fans see in the finale ultimately kills Ashtray offscreen. Walton shares parts of Ashtray’s unknown backstory and details a few Euphoria fan theories.

When asked what was running through his mind after reading the Season 2 finale script, he answers, “before we even filmed that whole craziness, Fez was supposed to die and then they switched it to me dying. It was on the spot, the writing, like a day before. It was craziness.”

People speculate whether or not this is the last we will see of Ashtray since the death occurred offscreen. Walton, without sharing too many details, says, “There is definitely a chance Ashtray is going to be back because if there’s somebody who could survive a bullet, it’s Ashtray.”

The young actor continues with some interesting fan theories about what’s next for Euphoria in Season 3.

“People have had some really cool theories about what happens,” Walton shares. “Like how Faye drops the glass and it’s all in her head and [the shoot-out] actually doesn’t happen. We’re just going to have to wait to find out for season three.”

Ashtray was a resilient, young character in the series who is obviously already missed by fans who adored him.

Walton explains goes into detail about Ashtray’s backstory and when asked why Ash decided to pull the trigger when the door opened in the finale, Walton gives a thoughtful response.

“All he knows is to protect his home,” Walton says. “When he heard that sound, it almost startled him, and that’s why he pulled the trigger. He knew when he started going he couldn’t stop because he would’ve just gotten shot.”

Though it is unclear whether or not Walton’s character returns to Euphoria next season, he is set to appear in Season 3 of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. 

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