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In an interview with Ron Artest explained why he gave his psychologist a shout out after winning game 7, making his song “Champions” and giving away his jersey to Chris Brown.

On his psychologist:

My psychologist was the one who helped me focus on accomplishing what I wanted which was winning a ring. She taught me how to tune everything out because I lost confidence in myself over the last couple years. And she was the one who put that confidence back in me. [I’ve bee seeing her for two years, but even before that I was seeing a psychologist. You got to find the right people to help you win. I was so zoned in during game seven. I kept hearing her say “Ron, what’s important to you? Ron, what’s important to you?” That’s all it is.

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Rumors of being mentally unstable and taking medication:

Man… look yea I see a psychologist but for only one reason and that’s to win championships. I don’t see one for any other reason. I never got a DUI, or got caught smoking Marijuana or any of that crazy stuff, so when people want to start rumors about me being on any medication or drugs, it’s just crazy to me. I look at it like this, ‘Jesus was stoned, there’s no reason I can’t be stoned.’ I’m definitely not better than Jesus. I’m not better than Martin Luther King and he was hosed down. I’m not better than nobody, so if people want to put me though mental or physical abuse or whatever else might come my way I have no other choice but to deal with it. I don’t care. It’s just talk.

On “Championships” remix:

Actually, I’m trying to get T-Pain on the remix. Also I want to get 50 and Game … it’s sounds crazy but that’s my plan. That’s what I’m working on right now. I can’t really say nothing else about it.

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On working with Dr. Dre:

Well, Dre is my man and a couple of his writers helped out a lot on the record, but he didn’t actually produce “Champions.” Me and Dre wrote a brand new verse for the song but depending on the remix if we can get Game, 50 and T-Pain on the hook than we’ll decide what we want to do with it. Dre was just coaching me and telling me the verse was stupid. Right after the game, I went straight to Dre’s studio and recorded that new verse. Chris Brown was actually there, and I gave him my jersey.

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