Demonstrators March In Louisville Demanding Justice For Breonna Taylor

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There are 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs and the truth, Gods, and in the case of Breonna Taylor the EMT from Louisville, KY who was at home minding her own business when police burst in shooting and killing her, we have to pray that God will give us all the truth, because of this date no one is being held responsible from a police force whose officers didn’t identify themselves although we know that they had to do something wrong because they implemented a law in the name of Breonna Taylor so it doesn’t happen again, not to mention paying the family of Ms. Taylor millions thinking that would be justice enough.

But the one side one the story that survived the ordeal because he was the last person to see Breonna Taylor alive was her boyfriend,  Kenneth Walker, and today he sat down with Gayle King to tell his side.

According to Kenneth Walker had the police identified themselves they wouldn’t have had a problem answering the door because they hadn’t done anything wrong.

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