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Breonna Taylor Billboards

Source: Kyle Gordon @Kylegordon18 / Best Dad Media

Oprah Winfrey honored the life of Breonna Taylor by dedicating the cover of her “O” magazine to Breonna.  This was the first time ever that Oprah has not graced the cover of the magazine.  In addition, Oprah erected 26 billboards, one for each year of Breonna’s life, throughout Louisville, KY to bring awareness to racism, and demand justice for her death by arresting the police officers involved.

Breonna was shot and killed at the hands of Louisville police on March 13 at the age of 26. Officers were executing a reportedly “no knock” warrant, which caused Taylor’s boyfriend to open fire on officers, believing that the house was being broken into. Breonna was shot eight times while in her bedroom and died.  Click here for the full story.