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Chick flicks like Sex in the City 2 has ushered in the return of girls night out, however, a hot date to the movies is always in style and deserves just as much attention, so create a simple makeup look that makes an impact…even in a dark theater. And like the singer V.V. Brown, you too can pull off the ultimate “I’m just chillin'” look.

If you must give a little drama, then let it be your eyes that gets the attention. The beautifully-packaged Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl by Guerlain ($35, sephora.com) is exactly the type of highly-pigmented eyeliner that brings drama to your peepers. Just apply it to the inner rim of your eyelid or create a daring cat-eye along your lash line. And to get this liner on just right, you’ll need the pretty Sweetheart Compact Mirror ($2.80, forever21.com) to check yourself out.

Now you have no reason to not look good even if it’s just at the movies.

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