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Celebrities At Los Angeles Dodgers Game - July 31, 2013

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Kobe Bryant wasn’t only a legend because of what he did on the basketball court over the course of his 20-year career, but because of the level of dedication he put into each and every single thing he did–like winning an Oscar for the first short film he ever made.

It’s hard to imagine the Lakers legend doing much more with his career, because he already covered so many bases, but according to LL Cool J, Kobe may have dabbled in hip-hop if it weren’t for his discouragement surrounding the idea.

During a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the rapper thought back on the time he stopped Kobe Bryant from releasing a gangster rap album of his own.

“We talked about rap. He played me this album, this gangsta rap album and I was like, ‘Kobe,’ I said, ‘Come on, dog. That’s not what you need to be doing…He had a gangster rap album. He played me that album, we’re sitting in a parking lot. I was confused, I was sittin’ there like, ‘What are we doing? You got endorsements, what are you doing?’ It had to be the funniest moment of my life, listening to him do gangster rap.”

While many didn’t know he had a whole album in his back pocket, most Kobe fans know that the baller always tip-toed around the idea of making music, like when he was featured on a remix of Destiny Child’s “Say My Name.” His debut album was titled, Visions, but it never saw the light of day. Still, the industry undoubtedly changed Bryant’s life, as his quick foray into the music game is what resulted in him meeting his soulmate.

Kobe was on the set of Tha Eastsidaz “G’d Up” music video in 1999 when he met Vanessa Laine. The two quickly started dating and, before long, got married in 2001 before spending 20 beautiful years together.

Maybe, now that Bryant has left this earth, some of his old songs will end up being released one way or another.

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