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Today is the day to give some a dollar.

That’s just 4 quarters and doesn’t seem like much these days, but there are still some pretty cool things that you can get for a dollar.

Here’s a few things that you can buy for $1:

1-A small cup of coffee from McDonalds.

2-A new razor every month from the Dollar Shave Club.

3-A song from Itunes.

4-A Wendy’s frosty,

5-Five bananas at Trader Joes.

6-Two postage stamps ar 47 cents each.

7-Fun knick-knacks and school supplies at the front of the Target store.

8-A scratch lottery ticket.

9-A Angry Birds Space game on Itunes

and my favorite:

10-For every dollar you donate to Feeding America’s “Set the Table” program, you can provide 10 meals at Food Bank.

Read more information here: https://www.feedingamerica.org/

Use the day to give a dollar to someone you know.  Give to someone who looks to like they need it.


Do you know what Hunger in America really looks like?

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