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Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

It’s human nature to change your appearance every so often in attempt to align with how you feel inside. No wonder the classic Coco Chanel proverb that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” rangs so true for so many people.

The real MVPs of evolution and change are Black Women. We can go from short hair, to long waves to an afro or Box braids all in one week. The DMX Challenge is proof that we can be whoever we want, any day of the week, and still manage to look like ourselves.

But what about the folks whose looks have changed so drastically that they look nothing like themselves? Like The Weeknd, whose new mustache and weird makeup job almost made him unrecognizable to fans.

Often times, celebs take a mini hiatus from their work, and come back looking like a whole new person. Or they start making more money and we start to notice the not so subtle adjustments they’ve made to themselves. Or, some stars adopt a much healthier lifestyle and start to lose weight and glow from the inside out.

Whatever the case may be, it’s their body. Their mind. Their choice. Just know that you can’t get anything past the Internets. Hit the flip for more celebs who changed their look over time.

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