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For all you gamers out there, the PlayStation 4 is almost here!

It’s been 7 years since the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, and everyone’s been wondering what’s next and what new features the console will feature. 

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Well, we got the scoop!

Sony has confirmed that the next generation has a X86 processor, enhanced PC GPU, and 8GB highspeed unified memory. It also has a new, updated DualShock 4 Controller that has a lightbar on the back to identify unique players and a 3D camera to track the controllers connected to the console! 

Better than that is the fact that there is also a remote function that allows you to take your game from the TV to your PlayStation Vita, so that you can play on the go!

Plenty of third party game developers are up-to-speed with the new console, and are all working on new games with the technology for PS4, as it is not backwards compatible and PS3 games will not be supported.

This includes but is not limited to Capcom, Activision, Sega, and of course, EA.

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When will it be out? During 2013’s holiday season!

For more details on the PS4’s official features, check here.

SOURCE: Mashable || Photo Credit: SONY/Mashable

Gamers, Rejoice! PlayStation 4 To Arrive During Upcoming Holiday Season (PHOTOS)  was originally published on globalgrind.com