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Kerry Washington is pretty much all anyone can talk about since she landed her role as the first Black leading lady in what must be eons for primetime network television.

Sure, for as far back as we can remember (aka the last 2 years) Kerry has been pulling in the classiest of roles; everything from the power Washington fixer, to the docile, yet sweet wife of fury-bringing Django (the D is silent), but her recent performance on SNL reminded us that Kerry has walked the ranks of almost every role before making it here.

Sure, some may have thought the characters Kerry portrayed on SNL were “stereotypical,” but what it reminded us of was the long road she took to today’s pinnacle of snatching up presidents, breaking records and taking names as Olivia Pope.

Check out 4 roles that Kerry Washington played on her way to becoming one of the most coveted Black women in Hollywood.

Chenille in Save The Last Dance – 2001

Yep, of course she had to take it to the single mother role as Chenille in what may be the most epic dance movie of all time, Save The Last Dance. Kerry played stressed out single momma and sister to the lead man, Derek. Yes, she wore those horrid high waist jeans, and yes, she did opt to put that curly crop under a bandana, but it was the ’90s, so we’ll let her slide.

Fatima Goodrich in She Hate Me – 2004

From a single mom to a lesbian in a relationship, Kerry played Fatima, a high-powered businesswoman who offers her ex-boyfriend cash to impregnate her and her new girlfriend. Yes, good ol’ Olivia Pope was involved in all this scandal trying to go half on a baby.

Jasmine in Mr. & Mrs. Smith – 2007

Amongst all the houses blowing up and trying to kill your spouse drama in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it was pretty hard to focus on anyone but the ridiculously good-looking John and Jane Smith, but turns out Kerry Washington was lurking in the credits as one of the fellow C.I.A agents. Hey, Kerry!

Nikki True in I Think I Love My Wife – 2007

Rawr! Now we know where Kerry got the kitty appeal to lure in all her scandalous love trysts! Nikki True was just as sultry as her name implied, as she attempted to lure Chris Rock away from his relations. In the film, Chris plays a married man who daydreams about being with other women until he finds his morals tested with a visit from Nikki, the ex-mistress of his old friend.

PHOTO CREDIT: Universal Studio stills, WENN

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