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Black excellence was once again on full display this week, but not always in the way you might think. Check out our Winners for the week below, then hit the next page to find out who’s taking an L.


The Black Panther cast (*minus Michael B. Jordan’s harness)

The melanin drip was something serious this week, especially at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The theory that Black people don’t age continued to be proven right thanks to the cast of Black Panther looking gorgeous.

Chadwick was like YES.

Chadwick Boseman at SAG Awards

Source: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

Danai was like EXACTLY.


Lupita was like WHY WOULDN’T I?


And I think it’s confirmed Angela Bassett is actually a vampire looking like THIS at 60…


Oh, and Michael B. Jordan tried his best with his Louis Vuitton harness…

Michael B. Jordan at the SAG Awards

Source: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

Wakanda was definitely in the building.

Add on top of that an inspirational speech by Chadwick, and you have Black Hollywood winning just in time for Black History Month.



P.S. If you still can’t get enough of Black Panther, you can see it for FREE February 1-7 at these select theaters.


Speaking of winning in Black Hollywood, Mo’Nique is one person who hasn’t always had cheerleaders, even from her own people.

Mo’Nique sent the Internet into an uproar last year when she tried to get people to boycott Netflix for what she felt was unequal pay. Some people supported Mo’Nique as a Black woman in comedy, while others thought she was sending her career into the abyss for her audacious demands.

But Mo’Nique continues to come out on top.

With a residency in Las Vegas (the first Black woman comedian to have one here), Mo’Nique has been making her press rounds, and she still has a lot to say.

First, she addressed calling Whoopi Goldberg “the help” in an interview with Vulture after Whoopi said she could school Mo’Nique in navigating the entertainment business. Mo’Nique went on E! News’ Daily Pop to clarify.

“When people think Whoopi Goldberg and I are in a bad place, we’re not. That’s my sister. But when she makes a statement like, ‘I could’ve schooled you,’ well what you were trying to school me on is how to work for free.”



Mo’Nique didn’t stop there. She then went on The Real to address Adrienne Bailon, who insinuated that Mo’Nique was “loud” and “negative” when she criticized Tyler Perry in a stand-up show.

Mo’ basically said Adrienne didn’t have enough “life experience” to criticize her. “Until we’ve walked the path in someone’s journey, you can’t speak on what you think they should’ve done with their path or journey,” Mo’Nique said. Peep the grown women talk below.


It seems like Mo’Nique doesn’t plan on sugar coating her experience anytime soon. Honesty (and that Vegas paycheck) for the win!

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