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If you really want to start a serious debate, then ask anybody when is the right time to put up the Christmas tree!

Everybody’s got an answer! For me, I like to put the tree up on Thanksgiving night, after dinner, during the football games. Unfortunately, this makes my husband crazy! He one of those “a week before the day” kinda people!

People have answers to this question that depend on everything from family tradition, to religion to trash pickup!

The experts at Southern Living Magazine give some sage advice:

“We pass no judgement, but here are the times for when to put up your Christmas decorations. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the earliest that you should set up a Christmas tree or put up Christmas-specific decorations.”

The reason you shouldn’t do it earlier? “It is inconsiderate for your beautiful tree to steal the thunder from your big turkey dinner.”

That makes sense and it sounds like a good compromise for me and the Hubby!

When does your family put up the Christmas Tree?


Does putting up Holiday decorations make you happier?