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Preliminary Hearing For Marion 'Suge' Knight In Robbery Charge Case

Source: David Buchan / Getty

They say that karma might not come right away but it does come eventually. That seems to be the case with Marion “Suge” Knight who has been indicted on the charges of threatening the life of fame film director F. Gary Gray.

According to TMZ, Suge allegedly made the threats during the filming of Straight Outta Compton but months before he killed a man involved in production by driving over him in a Compton, California parking lot.

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In a copy of the indictment that TMZ obtained, it reads,

“On or about August 8, 2014, Suge … threatened to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury to Felix Gary Gray.”

Sources say that Suge was unhappy with his portrayal in the film and made the threat via text.

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The arraignment is scheduled for Thursday but the indictment happened in February 2017. So…we’re all wondering what took the LA courts so long to schedule the arraignment.

Suge’s murder case is still being built, so the thought is that the prosecution is trying any and everything to keep Suge in jail.

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