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2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to see the Cleveland Cavaliers win last night’s game, but there was a bigger force at work and a destiny had to be fulfilled.  I realized it as watching the interaction of Kevin Durant and his mother, Wanda Durant.  I was so happy to see Kevin Durant celebrate one of his biggest achievements, winning his first NBA Championship, with his mom, Wanda Durant.  Personally, I know that nothing filled her heart more than seeing her son, whom she worked so hard to help succeed, achieve his childhood goal.  As Kevin held his MVP trophy in his hand, he looked over at his mom and said, “We did it!  I told you when I was 8 yeas old!  We did!”  The pride and sense of accomplishment they both felt was electric!  It’s a testament of how important a mother’s love and her encouragement is to her child.  For Kevin, his mother is a perfect example of a selfless woman, who pushed him to greatness, against all odds.  Even in the very moment when he was about to do a post-game national interview with Doris Burke, she reminded him that, “Don’t matter what nobody say, you did it!   From one mother to another, I salute you on a job well done Mrs. Durant!!