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VH1 'Love & Hip Hop' Season 4 Premiere

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The opening drama of tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up with Erika and Yandy’s battle from lest week, but the Creep Squad definitely kept things interesting too. But first, let’s start with Mendeecees’ women.

Erika is pissed that Mendeecees’ sister Nef supports Yandy locking her out of the apartment that she shared with Mendeecees. Yandy claims that she has power of attorney, Erika says she’s on the lease with Mendeecees and that what Yandy did was illegal. Yanday says that she and Mendeecees agreed to let Erika stay in the apartment to keep her off her mom’s couch but that she still decided to not stay there so what’s the point. Might as well be petty and change the locks, right? Anyway, the argument went to where it always goes—who was the real girlfriend vs. who was the jump off? It’s Erika’s word against Yandy’s with Mendeecees somewhere in the middle. Yandy might be married to Mendeecees—a point that she keeps harping on—but it seems like they both got played at some point. But uh…Erika did say that Mendeecees has been hitting her up from jail, asking for pictures.


Mendeecees got involved later on. He called Erika from the bing to see why she was making a big deal out of the apartment that she doesn’t even live in. Erika just started rehashing her petty, and basically, this is really dumb, but what we did get out of this is Mendeecess saying that Erika wasn’t a one night stand like Yandy kept insinuating.


Cisco informs Rich that he’s trying to sign Mariahlynn. Rich isn’t feeling it because he feels like Mariah tried to come between the creep squad in the first place and it’s generally a slap in the face to DJ Self. But when has Cisco ever cared about being shady, though? This is not going to be good.


Bianca pays Drewski a visit at Hot 97 and goes in on Sky about the bread tossing incident. Drewski is real distant and cold, and tells Bianca that she’s wrong in the situation and that they have no relationship whatsoever since their song is recorded. Drewski admitted that he led Bianca, but says he still loves Sky so that’s that. He tells Bianca that they can’t be cool anymore and she leaves looking dumb. Later on, Drewski, who is also wack for his part in this, meets up with Sky to cop pleas about how he really wants to be with her and that he wasn’t trying to smash Bianca and even asks her to live with him in Jersey. Sky tries to play tough, like she’s not going to take him back, but ultimately forgives him. However, the move-in part still remains to be seen.

Speaking of messy, Rich ups the messy factor later on when he tells DJ Self what Cisco is up to. Self isn’t feeling it and decides that he needs to check Cisco for being a habitual line-stepper. Rich is #TeamDJSelf throughout all of this drama.


Check this out, Cisco had an interview at Power 105 but gets locked out of the office, and the person he’s supposed to interview with suspiciously doesn’t answer his phone all of a sudden. It turns out, Self shut that down since he works at Power 105. Cisco, realizing that he got played, works even harder to get Mariahlynn on his team. Mariahlynn seems open to working with Cisco, but despite that she didn’t sign DJ Self’s contract, she’s more loyal to him. Now we’re at Mariahlynn’s showcase where it all goes down. Bianca came through and informs Mariah that she’s a traitor for snitching to Sky. Mariahlynn doesn’t deny what she said, but doesn’t seem to feel that she’s in the wrong. Bianca gets pissed because she feels like Mariah is more her friend and barely knows Sky. That last part is true, but Mariah says she’s trying to build with Sky plus, it’s dead wrong to try to push up on someone’s man. That part is true, but you can’t go inserting yourself in someone else’s drama if you claim to be neutral.

Anyway, it gets heated between Bianca and Mariah. Bianca throws a drink and they eventually try to throw hands, but security breaks it up, and Mariahlynn tells Bianca that the beef is on sight next time. Bianca thinks Mariahlynn is a backstabber and welcomes the beef.


The drama at the showcase is when Self confronts Cisco about trying to sign Mariah. Mariah walks in on their conversation to see what’s up. Cisco then starts putting Mariah on the spot, claiming that she said Self’s contract is wack (which she didn’t) and that she shouldn’t be paying for her own videos, etc. Mariah is loyal to self and checks Cisco for putting words in her mouth. Self is so pissed that he declares that Cisco he isn’t in the Creep Squad any more. Cisco tries to pop off on Self, but security holds them both back. DJ Self proclaims himself the new leader of the Creep Squad as security carts Cisco out of there.

The episode ends with Yandy dropping the bombshell info about her marriage to Mendeecees that’s now all over the blogs. Basically, they consider themselves married, especially since they had a ceremony, but their marriage is not recognized by the government on some slick ish. Yandy purposely kept her name off the marriage certificate to protect her assets, just in case the baby mothers try to come for money.


Next week, Peter Gunz rejoins the show as Creep Squad mediator, but that goes left quickly as we see in leaping over a table to get at Cisco in the preview.


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