The Charlotte City Council did exactly what the Republican legislators wanted them to do, they blinked – twice – in hopes that HB2 would repealed today.

It wasn’t.

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Instead the Senate tried to pass a repeal bill that put a temporary ban on local governments passing local ordinances. And they slammed the City of Charlotte as distrustful.

The end of the 13-plus hour day ended with the Senate voting down a bill to repeal HB2. The House adjourned without taking a vote. HB2 is the state law passed to nullify Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance, which the City Council passed earlier this year. HB2 basically legalized discrimination and prevents local governments from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances. The law drew such national ire that PayPal nixed plans to expand in Charlotte. The NBA pulled the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte, and the NCAA removed numerous tournaments from being held here. Repercussions weren’t just felt in Charlotte. Concerts were cancelled in other cities.

Based on Tweets from a variety or reporters, Republican senators sponsored a bill, SB4, that would place a moratorium on local governments preventing them from passing local ordinances regulating employment practices, public accommodations or access to restrooms.

Debate in the Senate was filled with talk about distrust of Charlotte city officials.

“I have no faith in the city of Charlotte, no faith that anybody on the other side at this point … will act honorably and in good faith to find a way forward,” said Republican Sen. Buck Newton, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Earlier today, the Charlotte City Council met in a quickly convened meeting to vote again to repeal the city’s non-discrimination ordinance after state legislators accused them of not repealing the correct ordinance.
Wednesday’s special session was filled with hastily-called caucus meetings and numerous recesses. Only to end the same it began with HB2 the law of the state.

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