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The theme of tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is squashing beef. I know, that sounds like the theme of all episodes of RHOA, but this is a different situation. We saw various types beef play out from baby daddy drama to the usual catty stuff, but there was also forgiveness involved. Let’s get into it.

First up, we find Cynthia and her daughter, Noelle, having some girl time over tennis. Noelle is gorgeous, by the way, and at the age where she has to start getting serious about college. She plans to go to school in LA, where her father lives, and Cynthia is all for it because she loves LA. Cynthia’s next business endeavor is a bag line and Noelle will be the face—getting her model on just like her mom.


Now let’s get into some real beef. For years Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield had beef with each other, but in recent years Bob has been trying to get back on her good side. Sheree had a talk with their children together about how she and Bob are actually cool again. The kids seem to like where this is going, and later on, it was even cooler to watch him apologize to her for all the drama he put her through. He’s trying to do more than get back on her good side, if you get what I’m saying. Sheree forgives him, but she’s still not totally into the idea of getting romantically involved with him again. Where they are right now is a start, though. Yay forgiveness!


And in more baby daddy beef news, Kandi tells her mom about how Block popped up recently, talking about wanting a relationship with Riley. You know Mama Joyce don’t play. She said that if Block wants to see his daughter he better ante up on that $50,000 he owes in child support, otherwise there’s going to be hell to pay. And you already know that Mama Joyce beef is, forevuh.


Phaedra and Kenya have called a truce. They even literally sipped some tea to celebrate their newfound frenemyship friendship.

Not everyone squashed their beef, though.

Kenya, Sheree, Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha and some other friends went to play laser tag. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Noelle went to LA to make the big reveal of Cynthia’s bag line, Cargo, with Noelle as the face. Noelle slayed, of course! It’s in her blood! Cynthia really enjoyed her time in LA and she’s thinking about getting a place there. Hmmm…could there be crossover housewife business in the mix? Anyway, back to the other group…after the laser tag situation, they went to grab some “food” aka sat around a restaurant table not really eating, and Phaedra tried to initiate a peace talk between Sheree and Kenya. It doesn’t go well. They immediately started going in on each other, then the next thing we know, Sheree calls Kenya a bitch because Kenya called her one a while ago (and feigned amnesia about it like she usually does). They went on for a minute, insulting each other until Phaedra finally squashes it by reminding them that they’re actually there to discuss a charity event that is geared toward helping families affected by the Flint Water Crisis. That’s cute and all, but charity events without drama almost never happen in this universe.


Back in LA, Cynthia and Leon go to dinner and have a heart-to-heart. Leon tells her that he felt her marriage to Peter was rushed, and she breaks down. She admits that it may have been rushed and that moved to Atlanta, married Peter, and changed her entire life around because she wanted to prove everyone wrong. The truth is, according to Cynthia, she may never have what she had with Leon with anyone else. So…why did she and Leon split again?


At the end of the episode, we find Kandi riding with her mom. She’s on her way to take her mom to get a pedicure, but then the day gets ruined when Kandi gets a phone call from Block. He’s talking about wanting to co-parent Riley and wondering where the bad blood came from. Kandi brought up a good point: How are you gonna co-parent a child that you haven’t been there for in nearly 14 years? He then says that he’s not going to chase them. And this is only a glimpse of the lovely man Kandi and Riley have been experiencing all these years, huh?


Kandi got more pissed off than we’ve ever seen her on this franchise, and rightfully so. She begins tearing up, as she reads him for filth about not having been there all these years, and then all of a sudden popping back up (and on camera, at that, tuh!) with demands like he got it like that.

And what kind of father says he’s not going to chase his child?


Block has to be trying to get some camera time. What do you think?


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