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It is with teary eyes that I must remind you that the first season of Queen Sugar is coming to an end. This is only good news if you are just now catching up, or if you haven’t watched at all yet, because that means you can just binge-watch the whole season at your leisure.

You’re so lucky. Those of us that have taken the ride thus far with the Bordelons have been well rewarded. We’ve fallen in love with Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) Nova (Rutina Wesley) Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) and of course, the lovely Ralph Angel Bordelon (Kofi Siriboe). We are rooting for them and have adopted them as members of our own family. So here we are at Episode 11, “All Good.” And yes, things are good this week for just about everyone.

After last week’s intense episode, the Bordelons have pulled together to commit to the farm and their land, which is highly desired by the Boudreaux family to the tune of a $4 million dollar offer. But here’s the thing – $4.5 million is what the farm can get every season if they plant all 800 acres, so why sell out? All they’ve got to do is find a mill that will grind the sugar, which Charley thinks they can do.

They can avoid the Boudreaux family by taking the sugar cane further to a mill in the next parish they don’t own. But the Bordelons do need a farm loan because Charley is about to file for divorce from the now disgraced Davis West. That shocker is followed by some more good news – after the farm is assessed, a loan is pretty much assured. It’s nice to see a win for the Bordelons.

Too Sweet (Isaac White) is back, which is a big win for Nova. He’s come to her for some love and support which she’s happy to provide. By bringing Too Sweet into the family fold, maybe he’s able to see more possibilities for himself. The contrast between him and Micah (NIcholas Ashe) is an all too familiar one — it’s the difference between one kid with means and resources and a family and another kid who has less to none of those advantages.

Speaking of Micah, he’s made it into his private school with the help of a generous donation from Dad. However, Dad has disappeared from the family unit, while he figures out where he’s going to land now that he’s a free agent. It would seem that Micah should be more upset about this, but Davis may land very close to home. (Timon Kyle Durrett, who plays Davis, was at a recent Queen Sugar event, so No, we haven’t seen the last of him.)


Dawn Lyen Gardner, Rutina Wesley, Tina Lifford and Timon Kyle Durrett at the Queen Sugar event in NYC

Micah’s romance with Keke (Tanyell Waivers) is going strong but there’s another romance that’s sizzling and that’s Charley and sexy farmer Remy (Dondre Whitfield). The two making goo-goo eyes at each other has somehow gone unnoticed by the others, although Nova seems to have a clue. We finally get to see the two of them kiss and my, my, my, it’s kind of a great kiss. Unfortunately though, it’s interrupted by Micah, who’s feeling like Mommy’s moved on just a little too fast.

He has no words for Mama or Remy and though Remy’s unbothered, Charley feels guilty AF. She runs to Nova and Nova proceeds to perform a Yoruba ritual to bring forth Charley’s sexual energy. Hmm, we’re not sure she needs the help with Remy, but along the way, she does mention that she’s only ever slept with one man – her husband! OK, maybe she does need some of Nova’s skills.

Aunt Vi is missing her man, but he’s off on the oil rigs. Dang it, we need these two back together. But Aunt Vi is making good use of her time and really getting into her new role as manager of the High Yellow, which will now transform into an evening spot on Friday and Saturday nights. Go, Aunt Vi!

Now that Ralph Angel and Darla (Bianca Lawson) have some say over Blue and Darla’s picking him up from school, she wants to assert herself more. When Blue tells her that someone is picking on him at school, she lets Ms. Velez (Marycarmen Lopez) know. But when Ms. Velez assumes she’s the babysitter, Darla sweetly lets her know she’s Blue’s mother and that she’d like to be among Blue’s emergency contacts. I don’t know if Darla’s moving too fast, but I guess she’s trying to win back some trust and let folks know she’s there for her son. Lopez does some fine acting when it dawns on her that any interest she may have had in Ralph Angel has been co-opted by whatever is going on with him and Darla.


Kofi Siriboe takes a us-ie. 

In one of the more slow-burning love stories this season, Ralph Angel and Darla are starting to feel the strong chemistry brought them together in the first place. There’s a sweet scene when they fall on the bed while playing with Blue and though it starts out innocently, it takes a turn. Then, when Blue defends himself against the bully at his parent’s urging, Darla not only shows up, she’s the first one there.

She shows a little feistiness we haven’t seen from her before, adding another clue to her overall character. It’s nice to see Blue’s parents united in their support of their son, though who wouldn’t rush to protect that cutie pie! Cue to the grand opening of Aunt Vi’s High Yellow nights and it’s clear that Darla and Ralph Angel are rekindling something. We kinda love these two, but both are troubled people trying to do better and while we want them to succeed, we get the feeling that there are challenges ahead.


Dawn Lyen Gardner and Dondre Whitfield

Challenges abound for the farm as well. By episode’s end, Charley has been informed that a loan that looked like it was a sure thing has been denied. Guess the Boudreaux family owns the banks AND the mills round these parts. Damn them. Fortunately Charley was there to stop Ralph Angel from heading back to jail as things got tense between him and Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco) who delivered the news in his slimy way. But I kinda love Ralph Angel for always being willing to handle things, even though his hot-headedness can get him into trouble.

Until next week, Sugarbabies!


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