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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back with season 9 and it’s obvious that there will be plenty of drama to go around this season, but we’re taking it slow. Tonight’s episode opens with Kandi and Todd loving on Baby Ace, who at the time of filming is five-months-old and just as cute as he wants to be. Todd and Kandi are so in love with their little boy, and it’s adorable and heartwarming to watch them. They seem like a happy and drama free family—at least for now. Hopefully it stays that way for them.


Kenya’s new home, Moore Manor, is almost complete. There are still some substantial finishing touches that need to be made, but it’s looking like it won’t be a Chateau Sheree situation where the home takes five decades to complete. It’s still not quite done yet, but she is planning to have a housewarming party. The home is one thing that’s going well for Kenya. However, as far as her relationship with Matt, that’s a wrap. He spazzed out on her some time ago and kicked a hotel room door open in a rage during a highly publicized situation—so Kenya cut that off and is now back on the market. However, later on we see that he sent her an apology gift. This definitely isn’t over (and if you’re up to date with RHOA news now, then you know that the word on the street is, they’re back together).

Speaking of unfinished homes, Chateau Sheree is finally complete—20 years later. Sharee is now in a space where she’s decorating her new abode.


Phaedra and Porsha are still thick as thieves. Phaedra is even moving closer to finalizing her divorce from Apollo. Cynthia is also about that divorce life. We’ve known that she and Peter have been having issues, but now we get to see the divorce situation play out. Cynthia initiated it and Peter doesn’t want a divorce, but he loves Cynthia enough to let her go.


Porsha is in anger management. Yawn.


Cut to Kenya’s housewarming party. Again, her house still isn’t quite complete, but she had the party anyway. She had her designers cut corners to make it look like things were done. Sheree came through and had jokes, especially because Kenya’s driveway was cracked, bumpy and unpaved. Sheree’s shade was hilarious because you know Kenya had been talking smack about her home being incomplete, so payback is a mutha. Everyone was invited to Kenya’s shindig except for Porsha, but Phaedra brought Porsha as a plus one anyway.


Mind you, Kenya said she didn’t invite Porsha because…obvious reasons, so this is where we leave off with the episode. Next week we’ll find out what happens between Kenya and Porsha, although we probably already have a good idea.


See you next week!


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