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While pedicure season may be over, your feet are in for an even harsher treatment with dryer air and less moisture. you may not be showing your feet as often, but don’t get embarrassed at that house party when you are asked to take off your shoes this Fall!

If when you get a pedicure, you are consistently and constantly telling the man or woman, “Scrub harder,” or agree to the razor on your feet (a big no-no, even though they have immediate aesthetically pleasing results), you might be in need of Baby Foot.

Baby Foot is the total at home foot care package. It has 17 natural extracts that create a type of chemical peel for your feet. These fruit acids are safe and gentle compared to other acids. Skin is left undamaged; however, the peeling exposes the fresh ‘baby skin’ below. It also includes alcohol and salicylic acid, ingredients that are common in chemical peels.

You wear these booties for one hour and over the course of two weeks, the dead skin from your feet begins to peel.

Baby Foot

Source: Hello Beautiful / Hello Beautiful

I tried this product and the first three days: nothing. I took a shower as normal, even wore sandals on day one. I was waiting for the disgusting, scaly, feet peeling…and nothing. I did everything they said, too. I made sure to soak my feet before applying the product and I wasn’t using lotion (and I’m someone who bathes in lotion).

Then I began to see it. The skin on my feet began to bubble.

Baby Foot

Source: Hello Beautiful / Hello Beautiful

Then began to peel. So badly, I couldn’t even not wear socks in the house. Once I took off my socks, there would be dead skin everywhere. I felt like a snake.

Baby Foot

Source: Hello Beautiful / Hello Beautiful

The skin underneath, as promised, is baby soft. They warn you to not try and “pull” off the skin to speed up the process, I agree. Just let it fall off, trust, it will.

My feet peel for a week, then began peeling on top, before completing the entire cycle of Baby Foot. Everything the product promised was true. I was left with feet so smooth, I got a blister the first day back in my shoes.

Baby Foot will take care of any dead skin or minor calluses.

I would recommend Baby Foot to anyone that wants a pedicure like results with a little extra oomph.

You can buy this Japanese beauty product, here.


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