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Terror Suspect Kin Speak Out

Some blatantly racist statements can’t go unchecked. That’s the task activist Quanell X faced when he recently appeared on Matt Patrick‘s Fox 26 Houston segment Face Off. The topic was standing for the pledge of allegiance, and the gloves were off.

Skyla Madria, a fifth-grader, sparked controversy earlier this month when she kneeled during the pledge at Alexander Middle School in Pearland, Texas. “Apparently, she believes that Black Americans need a lot more to be done in this country,” Matt Patrick said at the beginning of the conversation, to which ever person of color watching responded with a “DUH.” But, he continued, “She’s not willing to support the Black Americans who have fought and died for this country.”

And that’s when Quanell pulled out the receipts. He noted that Madria’s father is a retired military veteran and that her mother supported her decision to kneel. Not only that, but the young girl’s mom gave her written permission to do so, as required by the school.

When Quanell tried to explain to Patrick about the racist history of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and its author, Francis Scott Key, Patrick threw up his hands in exasperation and said, “here we go.”

Yes, here we go. After that, Quanell was off and running and gave Patrick the kind of schooling he so desperately needs. It’s a remarkable thing to watch:

Hopefully, some of that go through Patrick’s thick skull.


SOURCE: AfroPunk | PHOTO: Getty

Must Watch: Activist Quanell X Shuts Down Fox News Host In His Own House  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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