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Actor/Comedian Deon Cole Talks New Season Of 'Black-ish' On ABC

Source: NewsOne Now Screenshots / ABC Blackish / NewsOne Now

Deon Cole isn’t getting married anytime soon, but he does like who likes him. Comedy Zone fans learned a lot about Cole’s love, actually sex life during his fun performance at the Comedy Zone this weekend.

Cole is fresh off the success of his Comedy Central special “Cold Blooded Seminar.” He also appears in the new “Barbershop: Next Cut” and is a recurring character on the hit comedy “Black-ish.” Despite his Hollywood success, Cole drew on personal interactions with women for most of his standup material. His show at the Comedy Zone, he said, is part of testing of new material that will be used in another Comedy Central special.

Most of his comedy centered on his sex life and lack of desire to ever get married. However, his opening bit about singers who had strong enough careers to warrant a wardrobe change during a concert was hilarious. For example, Sisqo – no clothes change, but Beyonce could “bring a closet on stage” during a show. The joke is definitely funnier live, and it created audience interactions to open the performance. Cole’s bit about Michael Jackson and Prince fell flat except, but I did like the line that everybody wanted to f— Prince, but no one wanted to f— Michael Jackson. Very true!

After those bits in the first 20 minutes or so of his 55 minute set, Cole spent the remainder of the show delivering what he called blessings. Basically, they were his funny philosophies on male-female interactions. For example, women should not have dinner together. (You’ll have to catch his show to hear why.) And men need to teach their girlfriends and wives their DSP. (You’ll definitely need to see the show to learn the meaning of those initials.) It’s funny.

I haven’t watched Cole’s first Comedy Central special, but his live show at the Comedy Zone was funny enough to make me want to watch it On Demand. I can’t wait to get more blessings from Cole.

If you’re planning to go, tonight’s show is sold out, but there are a few tickets left to Sunday’s show. Check online.

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