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The Trump campaign is trouble – real trouble!!

And here’s how I know it:

Not because he is running out of money – $1.3M on hand.

Not because he fired his campaign manager – Corey Lewandowski.

Not because he has anywhere from 30 to 70 people working for his campaign nationwide– maybe 29 or 69 now that Lewandowski is out.

Not because his own children, mostly his daughter Ivanka and her husband all but demanded they do something about Lewandowski.

Not because, as of this writing, he hasn’t tweeted in 24 hours.

But I know the Trump campaign is in trouble because the usual suspects of Trump supporters or surrogates who have shown up on almost every cable channel for months now are nowhere to be seen giving the same talking points per usual.

Instead, people like Dr. Ben Carson, his former rival turned supporter are now out doing the talking.

Here he is on my CNN show last night discussing why Trump has less cash on hand than Carson’s suspended campaign.

Carson – “I think there is a process in place right now that’s going to rectify that situation.”

Lemon – “That’s going to get donors to – You heard Dana Bash saying donors were concerned about the rhetoric, they were concerned about the campaign being disorganized.”

Carson – “The main thing I think the donors have been confused about is where to donate.  It has been very unclear and there has been a lot of different bandwagons on which to jump. And it hasn’t been necessarily clarified by the campaign which is the one they most favor.”

Carson also says that what Trump once thought was a virtue – the claim that he is self-funding his campaign – is now a vice of sorts because it’s not clear whether or where to donate.

This is reset time.

And let me tell you what’s likely to happen.

Donald Trump, at least his children and the current people who run his campaign hope, that he will stop with the bombasts and histrionics.

If he can control himself you will see a more buttoned up Donald Trump.

The big indication however will be with the surrogates you see on TV.

Either you will see new ones and or their talking points will change.

If was an epiphany for me when I heard Lewandowski’s exit interview on CNN on Monday:

Bash – “Why were you fired.”

Lewandowski – “I don’t know.  I don’t know the answer to that.  But what I know is what we’ve been able to achieve in this campaign is historic.”

Bash – “Did Mr. Trump call you this morning and say, I hate to say this but ‘You’re Fired?’”

Lewandowski – “No, Yeah I had a nice conversation with him and I said to him it’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of it and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Lewandowski – “We have a candidate on the other side who is under criminal investigation from the FBI that most of the main stream media doesn’t want to talk about.  Instead they want to talk about things Donald Trump did 20 or 30 or 40 years ago. And even when he gives a great policy speech and he’s probably the best speaker that our country has ever seen as a presidential candidate. He doesn’t get credit for those things.”

That was just excerpts from Lewandowski’s interview with Dana Bash.

In those few minutes he sounded just like every Trump surrogate I’ve had on my show and that I’ve seen on TV.

It made me wonder if all those talking points came from him because he never directly answered any of Dana’s questions.

And in his non answers the silence spoke volumes.

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