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It seems like everyone – including the GOP – is attempting to stop the runaway political train that is Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner. And the last line of defense for Trump’s opponents may be in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Trump has garnered the political spotlight during this presidential election cycle by using inflammatory rhetoric, coded language, bombastic statements, and inciting violence at his rallies, forcing the Republican establishment to push back against his candidacy.

NewsOne Now panelist Steve Munisteri, a three-term Texas GOP State Chairman, broke down the math that could set up a brokered Republican convention and stop Trump from capturing the nomination.

Munisteri told Roland Martin on Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, “Gov. John Kasich does have a path to the nomination.”

“If Marco Rubio could release his delegates (there are 154 unbound delegates), so if you add those to Kasich’s total, he would have a comparable number to Ted Cruz,” Munisteri said, adding, “If you subtract the 154 unbound delegates from the 1,009 delegates that are left — Trump has to win about 63 percent of the delegates that can be bound, about 53 percent of the overall delegates.”

Munisteri continued, “There’s still going to be a Stop Trump movement; it will probably go to a contested convention, less Trump win some win or take all” states.

Lauren Victoria Burke agreed with Munisteri’s breakdown of the delegate math, saying, “There is some math that is going to be very interesting” leading up to the Republican Convention.

She continued, “The question is for the Republicans at their convention: are they going to have the big fight that it looks like they’re going to have, because frankly I don’t think they can tell the person who has the most votes and the most delegates that they won’t be the nominee.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the possibility of there being a brokered Republican Convention aimed at stopping Donald Trump in the video clip above.

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