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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was dry. It was nice to get a break from the cattiness and shade, but it didn’t have to be as much of a snoozefest as it was. Perhaps this means next week’s season finale is going to be major.

The episode opens with Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce at an ultrasound appointment for #BabyTucker. It was really sweet to see that Mama Joyce has finally embraced Todd as part of the family. We like sweet Mama Joyce. Hopefully she will stick around.


Kenya is still trying to convince us that she’s serious with her new rent-a-boo, Matt, but she claims she’s not trying to rush anything this time around, aka scare him off. However, he mentioned wanting his own parking space at Moore Manor, which probably means he’s interested in moving in, but Kenya said that wouldn’t happen without a ring. She also said she wasn’t going to pressure him to get married. But that went right out the window by the end of the episode. They went on a date where Kenya started giving him the third degree about how he feels about getting married at this point in his life.


The good news is she surprisingly didn’t scare him away. Rent-a-boo said he wants to settle down and get married, and would like to have kids within a year. So, we’re all just going to pretend that Kenya isn’t 45. No shade, but hopefully she froze her eggs…never mind, you know she did.

In other news…

Kim completed the commercial for Cynthia Bailey Eyewear, and Cynthia is quite pleased with the results. Here it is:

That was…okay. What did you think?

The heaviest part of the episode came when Phaedra and her mom took the boys to visit Apollo at the Fort Dix correctional facility in New Jersey. Phaedra was nervous about traumatizing her children. She didn’t want a meltdown situation where they might not understand why they may have to leave their father when the visit is over. The visit wasn’t filmed since cameras weren’t allowed inside, but it seemed to turn out fine. Children are a lot more resilient than adults give them credit for. What sucks for Phaedra is that Apollo refuses to sign the divorce papers she served him.

Again, hopefully next week’s season finale is more entertaining. Based on what we saw in the preview with Kenya dressed up like the Grinch at a Holiday party, I’m going to assume that it will be.


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