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Most of the build up of tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York revolved around DJ Self’s upcoming Gwinnin Fest XL. Serious question, are artist showcases still a thing? Anyway…

The moments before the showcase were not without color…of course.

The episode opens with Richie D, Cisco and Peter Gunz having their Creep Squad pow wow, and it looks like the crew is all back together after finally being able to hash out their differences without fists.

Moe all of a sudden wants to get BBOD back together, but now the tables have turned. Lexxy isn’t interested because she’s happy with her situation with Rah. However, Moe revealed that Def Jam is interested in giving BBOD a deal as a group. Def Jam reps are also planning to be at the Gwinning showcase. Lexxy decides to consider reuniting for the sake of the record deal, but she’s still hesitant because she’s still not feeling Moe’s attitude.

Peter had an emotional chat with his daughter, Whitney (who is highkey the only responsible adult in the situation), in what will probably become one of the most poignant moments of the franchise. He asked her how his behavior has affected her growing up. She got emotional and told him that he means well, but needs to get it together and stop hurting the women in his life. She asked him to consider a vasectomy. I mean…how many times has Captain Obvious delivered that memo telegram? Peter Gunz said he wasn’t sure about a vasectomy, which goes back to my original point about his daughter being the only responsible adult in the situation.


Finally we’re at the main event, Gwinnin Fest XL. Judges include Rich Dollaz, Maino and Remy Ma, and the performers are Bianca and Moe, who reunited as BBOD after all, MariahLynn, and Young B (a.k.a. this was all a setup for the sake of having something to film for the episode). Just when you thought that Bianca and Moe couldn’t co-exist peacefully, it was Rashidah who popped off with some bird beef.


Rashidah spotted some woman she had beef with, who happened to be rolling with Yandy. Apparently, Rah couldn’t resist the urge to not keep it professional so she threw a bottle at the woman and got kicked out. Really, though? This is how you act as an artist’s manager? Anyone with sense would have fired her on site, but like, sense and these shows just don’t mesh well. Remy Ma followed up with Yandy about what the situation was since Yandy and Rah are helping her with her wedding and beef wouldn’t be cute. Yandy said she had no idea what the deal was, and Remy took her word for it. It’s believable. Yandy doesn’t really involve herself in drama, she’s about her family and that paper.


We find BBOD, MariahLynn and Bianca waiting backstage to find out who won (Bianca had the most polished performance), and of course, more bird beef popped off. MariahLynn thought she was doing something by showing Lexxy some restraining order papers that Moe filed against Bianca. In other words, she was trying to blow up Moe’s spot as a snitch hoping that Lexxy wouldn’t mess with her anymore. Lexxy was just like…


And Moe tried to deliver fade, but the security guards jumped in.


That moment you realized they fought over a restraining order…

Anyway, the winner is…we have to wait until next week, womp womp.


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