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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

There’s a lot going on in tonight’s episode of Born Again Virgin. Jenna has a new boyfriend, Kelly is being stalked by Beverly (Rick the momma’s boy’s mother), because Rick has a new girlfriend and Beverly can’t deal, and Tara has no choice but to explore what her life would be like as a stepmother.

Tara actually went on a dinner date with her fiancé and his teenage daughter. It sounds weird that Tara would even entertain being a stepmom, but as soon as she discovers her soon-to-be stepdaughter has a crush, she springs into action. She goes over ways to get his attention by taking “sexy, smoldering, and smitten” selfies and they actually have some moments of bonding.

Jenna thought it was a good idea to bring David and Donovan together over dinner. In true Jenna-style, she’s all about creating harmony, especially between her two favorite men. At first, they got along fine until they discovered that David went to Hampton University and Donovan went to Howard University. Anyone who knows anything about HBCU’s knows that the battle of “The Real HU” is the biggest rivalry in HBCU history. Subsequently, they spent the rest of the night arm wrestling and generally peacocking. Let’s be real, Donovan is pretending to be Jenna’s friend, but he wants more. Jenna wants more too, but I guess this will continue to get dragged out.

At the end of the episode, Kelly called Rick to come get his mother, only to end up slobbing Rick down and with both of them realizing that they want to start seeing each other again. As it turns out, this is what Beverly had planned all along. Tara, is starting to reconsider whether she really wants to move forward with this stepmom stuff (after Enrique chastises her about encouraging his daughter to take those selfies), and Jenna and Donovan agree to remain friends, but give each other space, especially with David in the picture.


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