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Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist and best-selling author Sister Souljah about her latest novel, Moment Of Silence and the racial inequalities at University of Missouri.

“I think at any university in the country, where the athletes can do more than play sports….that’s a wonderful thing. It’s powerful. And maybe it can trickle down to the NFL or the NBA.”

Should young people be involved in activism in these times?

“The reality is that a lot of the people who have been executed by the police were not activist or politically motivated. They were just living their lives. Of course we have to be activists because in the absence of being active you’re stagnant. I would encourage parents to encourage their young ones to learn the history of our people.”

What to expect from her latest novel:

“It’s like a straight shot to the street. It’s straight thunder. Everything that young black and Latino men are experiencing today is what Midnight goes through. It’s a young man meeting with the criminal justice while trying to maintain the legal business and the family that he loves. It’s a thriller and a love story.”

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