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Dr. Ian Smith calls into the TJMS to talk about the SHRED cleanse and ALMOST convinces the entire TJMS crew to participate.


What is the best way to lose weight with diabetes?

Monitor your daily carbohydrate intake to make sure that it stays slow. Increase your fiber and protein. Eat more whole grains. Exercise at moderate intensity for 35 minutes 3-5 days per week

Does this challenge work without working out?

Yes, it does, but of course, working out will maximize your results. The recommended workouts are not very long and don’t require machines. Send us an email at to register.

What’s the website?

Email us at and we will send you the information.

Is this good for children?

It could be modified for children, but as always, consult your pediatrician first. For more information, simply email us at

Dr Ian, what happened to the 50 million pound challenge? That was such a great lifestyle change for me and my family!

We are bringing that back through our SHRED Purple Smoothie Challenge that kicks off January 4th. For more information, simply email us at

Dr. Ian I need that diet for my fiancee, she is driving me up the wall about losing pounds before our wedding.

When is the wedding. We can help her. For more information, simply email us at


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