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Rev. Tim Mattox allegedly kicked Genora Hamm Biggs out of the church after the grandmother and pastor sparred over his preaching style, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.  You can read the sad start to the story in our post 103-Year-Old Woman Banned From Church For Criticizing Pastor

In an interesting turn of events, Rev.Mattox has left to form his own church.

Her attorney told Fox that the prayerful senior “is elated” over the turn of events, which allows Biggs and remaining members to select a new pastor.

“I want them to come back if they want to be Baptist,I want them all back, but if they feel like they want to be Holiness then let them go with Reverend Mattox.” -Ms Biggs

With Mattox leaving, the certified letter banning Biggs from attending church at Union Grove no longer holds power.

“I’m happy it’s over,” Biggs tells the AJC. “But I’m sorry to see our old members leave the Baptist church and go holy.”

The devout Christian was a former city clerk and a school teacher who taught first grade for 40 years. Reverend Mattox was one of her former students.  That made it even harder to deal with his treatment of her. She says she prays daily and her faith  was tested after she received the letter, but now will focus on helping to find the right leader.

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