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Soulja Boy Is Still Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy and Nia are still together. Nia thinks they’re doing well in their relationship (*snickers). However, Fizz and Soulja Boy get together to chat about life, and Fizz says he’s living the single life, while Soulja Boy says that he has side chicks and that Nia is okay with it. Yeah..sure.

Guys, Rich Dollaz is seriously romancing Moniece. He’s actually in L.A. to spend some time with her, and claims that he feels like he’s falling for her…like, for real, for real this time. Moniece thinks that Rich is being honest, and that the Richie D we all know from LHHNY as President of the NYC Chapter of the Creep Squad has changed. Mmmkay.

Nikki and Teairra Do Fashion…Maybe

Nikki and Teairra Mari have joined forces to do a fashion show to show off Nikki’s lingerie line, and Tearria’s blazer line (you know how reality show chicks do; they choose random items of clothing and then all of a sudden become fashion designers and launch Instagram boutiques). They meet up with some chick named Nas—her name alone is already grounds not to trust her—that’s supposed to supply them with models. However, they don’t really talk business in the traditional sense, because Nas reveals that she’s in an on again, off again relationship with Soulja Boy. Nikki snitches to Nia about that later on. You already know it’s about to go down…

Miles is Still on the Low

Milan goes out on the town with Miles, hoping that they can eventually put their relationship on blast (you know, as if they’re not already doing so by filming a reality show), but Miles is not with the PDA. Milan makes it clear that he’s tired of keeping their relationship secret. Meanwhile, Miles’ ex Amber is thinking there’s a chance for them to get back together.

Princess Acts More Like a Dunce

Princess is back living with Ray J, because she’s all about #TeamBadDecisions. She decides to give Ray a taste of his own medicine by going out with Teairra and she takes an overnight bag just in case she parties too hard and doesn’t want to return home. Of course she runs into Ray on her way out, and he tries to regulate on her. He tells her that she’s not going out, and that she needs to put her boobs away (she’s wearing a low-cut dress with no bra and lots of side boob and cleavage exposed). Princess tells him that she’s going on her girls night anyway and then drops the bomb that she and Teairra have actually been kicking it.

Moniece Starts Getting Crazy Again

We already know from last season, that Moniece is crazy (not only have we seen this in action, but Moniece has even stated this fact herself). We also already know from watching Love and Hip-Hop New York, that Rich Dollaz likes ‘em coo coo. So…in this scene, we find them at a tattoo parlor because Rich Dollaz convinced Moniece to get a tattoo of her ex (not Fizz) covered up. She agrees to do it, but then starts blabbering about how it’s a big deal to get this tattoo covered up, because she didn’t even cover it for Fizz, who hated it, and that Rich better comply with her demands. Her main demand is that they move in together. Like…she wants him to move to LA full time, and live with her. Traces of the old Rich Dollaz start surfacing as he basically tells her that that ain’t happening, at least not right now, and definitely not because she’s trying to boss him around. Let the count down begin before both of these time bombs explode.

Ray J And Teairra…On A Cliff

Ray J decides to link up with Teairra on top of a cliff (presumably for dramatcis). He tells her he’s not comfortable with her friendship with Princess. Teairra tries to pretend that it’s all love, and that she met up with Princess because Princess was stressed about him. She tells him they neither he nor princess seem happy. And then…she reveals her master plan in her confessional. Basically, she’s actually pretending to be cool with Princess in an attempt to try to break them up as revenge against both.

Bootcamp For Basics

Nikki invites the girls to a boot camp, including Nas (because she wanted to start trouble). It doesn’t take long before Nia and Nas started going at it. Apparently, they used to be roommates back when they lived in Atlanta. Nas met Soulja through Nia and got with him behind Nia’s back after the latter two broke up for the umpteenth time. Nas then reveals that she’s still fucking with Soulja Boy. The other girls are just watching, stuck on stupid as Nia and Nas almost get into a fistfight, before security steps in to break it up.

And Teddy Riley wept…


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