Tom Brady

This is RIDICULOUS!! I mean the nerve of this guy! He KNOWS he had something to do with ‘Deflate Gate’, when he didn’t even have to!! I said all along that they were gonna drag the Colts, which they did! He didn’t even need to deflate a ball! I know what this is all about, & I’m just gonna say for the record that I don’t care how many Super Bowls this crybaby wins…..HE’LL NEVER BE JOE MONTANA!!!!!!! Do you hear me Tom?!?? Do you HEAR ME?!?!? NEVER!!! I know that’s what you want Brady!! You just want to say you won 5 Super Bowls so you can top your childhood hero! Well he was one of my childhood heroes too!!! You’ll NEVER BE HIM….EVER in LIFE!!!! Man…….I’m OUT!!!

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