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Roland Martin talks to Attorney Ben Crump and Kudeidra Smith, the daughter of Sam Dubose, the unarmed black man who was shot and killed by the University of Cincinnati cop. Attorney Crump says that Dubose’s mother has hired a different attorney as has his father. Mark O’Mara, the mother’s attorney, is best know as George Zimmerman’s lawyer.

“The mother of Sam Dubose hired Mark O’Mara and his father hired another attorney, but his children are the beneficiaries. By law they are entitled to their own lawyer in the wrongful death suit, since they were the dependent on their father’s income and services,” Crump said.

“I really didn’t get anybody’s advice, I just knew what my dad would want,” says Smith.

Reports that Ray Tensing is trying to get his job back have surfaced, something that Smith can’t understand.

“I was stunned and flabbergasted that he’d even do something so foolish.” As for reports that the other officers on the scene will not be charged, Smith says that those same officers were involved in another fatal officer shooting five years before.

The family is pursuing civil charges and with each family member having a different lawyer, it seems as though this case could get messy. Not to mention that Zimmerman’s lawyer is working with Zimmerman’s lawyer has also been controversial, not just to the public but to the family.

“What this is really about is Kudeidra, who was really close to her father being able to have a voice and talk about her father and what he would want. She doesn’t think that other family members are expressing what she believes her father would have wanted,” says Crump.

Smith says that she knows for sure her father would have an issue with O’Mara’s involvement.

“I know my daddy and I know how my dad felt about that situation and I’m sure my daddy will would not like this right now.”

As for Crump, he says that working with O’Mara would be no problem.

“I’m sure the court will make sure that all of our client’s interests are well represented,” he says.

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