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Kanan figuratively pulls the trigger on his plan of revenge against Ghost, Shawn picks a side, and the feds make a major move against Lobos.

Tasha Wants More Action

Tasha feels like Ghost isn’t moving fast enough in “his plans” for handling Angela and the feds’ investigation, even after he explains that the task force wants Lobos, and not so much Tommy—which we all know is a delusion on his part. So, Tasha suggests that Ghost kills Lobos in order to protect the family business. Ghost, reluctant at first, starts to think this is a good idea. They’ll be able to find another supplier at some point, anyway.

Lobos Makes Moves Too

Lobos also tries to set a plan in motion. He starts to see Tommy and Ghost as liabilities, so he offers Ghost a promotion if he kills Tommy. However, Ghost, smart enough to know better, does not bite the bait. Lobos realizes that they’re not as in pocket as he thought they were and realizes that they both have to go.

Ghost Still Wants Out

Tommy is not happy about Ghost’s revelation that he still wants out of the game for a shot at a legit career. He rants to Tasha about Ghost’s revelation, and she takes it in another direction. She believes that he plans to run off with Angela after killing Lobos, which makes her angry.

Tasha confronts Ghost about this later in the episode, and Ghost denies it, of course. He tells her that he’d never abandon her or their children.

Shawn Chooses His Father

Kanan resurfaces to try to really get his plan for revenge back in motion, and knows that his son Shawn is the key. Kanan, after realizing that Shawn and Tasha are messing around, tells Shawn to give him some vital information that he may have gotten out of Tasha. Shawn reveals that Tommy and Ghost will be meeting Lobos at The Carlton for an important drop. Kanan also reveals to Shawn that Uncle Ghost is the one who sent him to jail, and Shawn volunteers to be the one to take Ghost out since he is someone Ghost will never see coming.

Not only does Kanan want Ghost out of the picture, but he also wants to take over the operation. He uses the information he has managed to pick up while snaking around against Tommy and Ghost to get key people in their crew, including the Serbs, to join his alliance, and they all plan to make a surprise appearance at the hotel on the day of the drop.

Tasha and Shawn’s Secret is Out

Kanan wasn’t the only one who figured out what’s going on between Shawn and Tasha. Tasha’s mom sensed what was going on since before sex was involved, and LaKeisha popped back up again and figured it out too. She asked an important question, something we all want to know, which is, “What’s going to happen with Ghost finds out?” Tasha is naive enough to believe that it’s going to remain a secret from Ghost. Mmmkay…

Angela Wants to Run Away With James/Ghost

Angela, torn between doing her job and her love for James/Ghost, tries to stop him from meeting up with Lobos. However, even their possibly last time having sex, isn’t enough to convince Ghost to run away with her. 

The Big Meet Up

It definitely goes down, and by it, I mean Tommy and Lobos get arrested after the big meeting at The Carlton, and Angela was the one to call it in. Ghost somehow manages to avoid the bust and Lobos’ main henchman ends up leaving in a body bag. Tommy, who spots Angela on his way out, curses her out. Speaking of Angela, she’s confused when she doesn’t see Ghost coming out, but Ghost, true to his name, is watching.

The episode ends with James/Ghost sending Angela a text message from his new phone asking her to run away with him. Yet the fact that this is too predictable may mean that it’s a set up.


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