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Bill Cosby’s attorney, Monique Pressley, told Huffington Post Live’s Marc Lamont Hill that women who are sexually assaulted have a responsibility to report it immediately in order to create evidence of the crime.  Hill pointed out that it sounded like Pressley was victim blaming, but of course she had a b.s. response.

“[Victim-blaming] is like a tag word. It’s a hashtag, even. It’s the prevailing way we label things.”

Pressley added that the justice system can’t work unless women report sexual assault promptly.

“I’m not speculating, I’m not thinking, I’m not opining… What I’m saying is women have responsibility. We have responsibility for our bodies, we have responsibility for our decisions, we have responsibilities for the ways we conduct ourselves… I’m not talking about these women, I’m saying all women have responsibility… If a woman is violated by a man, and does not report, for whatever reason… in a court of law, the entire situation will never be brought forward for purposes of justice.”

Pressley was adamant in her claim that she doesn’t blame woman for not reporting a rape or assault, and that the only way for women to get justice, if the allegation is true, is to come forward.

She also needs to take her head out of her arse. It’s not as simple as being raped and then reporting the police and as a figure of the law, she full well knows that. There are a few reasons that rape is one of the most underreported crimes. One of those reasons is victim blaming, even if it’s passive aggressive, which is the case here. Also, many rape victims are still trying to psychologically process what has happened to them.

Ew. Then again, she’s doing her job as Cosby’s lawyer. Money over everything, even common sense, I guess.

P.S. Women aren’t the only ones who get raped.


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