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Samuel Dubose was killed almost two weeks ago in Cincinnati, Ohio in a traffic stop that ended up being anything but routine.

Luckily the entire incident was captured on the officer’s body camera.

That video is the main reason 25-year old Ray Tensing was indicted yesterday for murder and is now in jail.

When I interviewed Samuel Dubose’s mother Audrey Dubose last night on CNN she said the indictment was somewhat of a relief.

“It’s overwhelming, yes.  I’m so glad that they are doing something about this.  I’m so glad that the man that murdered my son is in jail now, he’s been arrested.  It’s a great relief.  It feels like I’m getting some justice here and I thank God for it.”

The family says they believe there would have been some justice served even without the video, but the video vindicated Dubose’s reputation.

Here’s Dubose’s sister Terina Dubose Allen:

“I do believe we would have gotten some kind of a result only because the university police had communicated that Sam had not dragged the police officer as had been communicated to the public.  But I don’t believe that Sam’s reputation, whatever we would have gotten, it would have been drowned out by the defamation of his character that had been occurring ever since he was murdered last Sunday.

At the press conference announcing the indictment, the prosecutor called the incident a “chicken crap” stop for pulling over someone for no front license plate.


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